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Unlock successful healthcare hiring for your organization

Discover how a leading hospital expanded its relocation benefits. By partnering with Relocity, the hospital empowered its nurses with personalized and affordable relocation assistance, leading to:

  • Enhanced talent satisfaction: 100% increase in employee satisfaction, establishing employee well-being as a top priority.
  • Relocation savings: 19% reduction in program spend, optimizing resources without compromising quality.
  • Improving quality of hires: By enhancing relocation benefits, skill gaps were addressed, paving the way for diverse talent opportunities.
  • Carbon footprint reduction: 53 metric tons of CO2 emissions saved, contributing to a greener future.

Learn how your organization can achieve similar outcomes by downloading the case study today.

Relocity Concierge | Destination services

Our high-touch relocation services

Relocity Concierge is tailored to each employee, with a single point of contact (a dedicated Personal Host) and best-in-class technology to address their specific needs — from authorization to settled-in.

Relocity Guide | Self-guided relocations

Our native app for a self-guided move

Relocity Guide takes each transferee through a personalized relocation experience with world-class technology without compromising your talent's experience.

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